Sunday, April 29, 2012

Up Book Signing, Lincoln, NH, April 28, 2012

This post is really only of interest to those who know, or know of, Trish, Alex and Sage, so I will not give any background.  Trish's book has just been published, and yesterday she was in Lincoln, NH, at the Father Roger Bilodeau Community Center.  She gave an excellent talk before she, and the girls, started signing books, chatting with everyone.  A very enjoyable evening, here are a few pictures (several more on my Picasa Web Album).

I arrived a few minutes before seven, the start time.  Entering the center I first saw Steve Smith, with a big box of books!

The girls were playing in a remote corner, here is Sage:

Here is Trish with the girls just before the talk

Steve introducing Trish

Trish talking

and reading from the book

Trish, Alex and Sage at the book signing table

and a closeup of Sage signing


  1. Thanks for coming, Mohamed, and thanks for taking such great photos! It's always good to see you. Hope to cross paths with you again soon.

    1. I enjoyed reading the book and enjoyed hearing you talk about it even more. And seeing the girls is always a pleasure!